The basic premise of the show was 2 cousins getting harassed by the man. By the man I mean Boss Hogg, Rosco, Enos, and sometimes Cletus. The Dukes could find a way out of anything. They were the model for MacGyver. They were always being chased by Rosco. Of course, there were always rivers to jump over. The General Lee would clear it ok and keep on going, while Rosco would only make it about 1/2 way in his police car.

The Dukes had a friend named Cooter who was a mechanic. Cooter also owned a farm, as I found out in one of the episodes. Cooter could make anything run. He could also make anything stop running!!

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Times That The Show Aired:
January 1979-November 1981CBSFri 9:00-10:00
December 1981-February 1985CBSFri 8:00-9:00
June 1985-August 1985CBSFri 8:00-9:00

First Aired: January 26, 1979
Last Aired: August 16, 1985

Yeeeee Haaaaa!