Cooter Davenport {Ben Jones}

  • I had Cooters love child.. Hahaha just kidding! But post some stuff in the Cooter forum!
  • Cooter was he town mechanic, and one of the coolest dudes in Hazzard County.
  • Cooter could fix anything,
  • He was always jolly and happy-go-lucky when strangers broke down and had to get their cars fixed - something that always took 3 or 4 days
  • In the early days, Cooter had a '76 Ford Torino which rocked, by the end, he, too, was stuck with a crappy old pickup truck... and a tow truck. Cooter didn't mind, considering the amount of moonshine he was drinking...
  • I'm pretty sure Cooter had the old whiskey still out in the woods
  • Cooter's CB Handles: Sheepdog or Crazy Cooter .
  • Ben Jones has a daughter named Nacy Lou.
  • Currently Ben Jones is a politician in Georgia
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