Daisy Duke {Catherine Bach}

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  • Born Catherine Bachman and shortened her last name to Bach around 1972
  • Born on March 1st, 1955 in Warren, Ohio
  • She absolutely revolutionized the fashion industry with those "Daisy Dukes" she always wore.
  • She had the ultimate tan, though you never saw her laying out.
  • She did wash her Jeep quite a bit, so that could have been a source of the dark skin.
  • Daisy worked for Boss Hogg, at a bar/restaurant called The Boar's Nest
    • She hated it and Boss Hogg, but money was tight over in Hazzard County.
  • Daisy drove a 1972 Road Runner for about five minutes, till the Duke boys drove it off a cliff (No comment hahaha), then she got that Jeep named "Dixie".
  • Daisy's car!!
  • Daisy's CB Handle: Little Bo Peep or Country Cousin.
  • Catherine Bach did a show recently called "African Skies"...
  • Also, she just had a baby girl named Sophia Isabella, her second child.
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  • You can write Daisy at:
    • Catherine Bach
    • 14000 Davana Terrace
    • Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
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Daisy Duke

Daisy Duke from the Playstation Game Daisy Duke from the Playstation Game Daisy Duke