The Dukes of Hazzard Drinking Game

as conceived by:
Jonathan D. Machen, Nathan A. Martin, & Aaron L. Wevodau
I would like to remind contestants that this game, and I stress that it is a only game-and we would probably not rob a liquor store if Boss appeared without his white suit (unless you're some sort of dumb ass.. And if you are leave my site..) and this game can be played using non alcoholic beverages. I wonder why you would want to do such a thing, but anyway... here it is:

Take One Drink Whenever:

  • Bo leaves the keys to the General Lee in the car and it gets stolen.
  • Bo and Luke go skinny dipping.
  • A car chase occurs.
  • A car jumps something.
  • Rosco says "I'm gonna get them Duke boys," or some variation thereof.
  • Rosco says "That's a big 10-4 little fat buddy."
  • A door falls off a car. Two if it's a police car.
  • The horn to the General Lee is sounded.
  • Boss Hogg makes a reference to money.
  • A jump scene is stopped midway for a commercial.
  • Rosco does his little laugh at the end of a sentence, "Cucuu."
  • The name "Cooter" is mentioned.
  • A scene from the Opening Credits is actually in the show.
  • A road, other than in town, is paved.
  • Boss Hogg tries to frame the Dukes for something they didn't do.
  • Someone uses an expletive other than "dang" or "heck."
  • Someone driving a car slams the brakes in order to make 180 degree turn.
  • Flash makes an appearance. Two, if she does something productive

Take Two Drinks Whenever:

  • Anyone claims to know a shortcut.
  • Uncle Jesse appears without his red hat.
  • Cooter appears without dirt or grease somewhere on his person.
  • Uncle Jesse has to be helped getting in and out of the General Lee.
  • A reference to moonshine is made.
  • It rains in Hazzard County.
  • A sherrif from another county is involved in the plot, three if it's the sherrif from Chickasaw County.
  • Someone other than a relative of the Dukes calls Uncle Jesse "Uncle Jesse."
  • There is a pair of crooks, one being the brains and the other the brawn.
  • Bo and Luke break some term of their parole.
  • You see their parole officer.
  • You find it ironic that Enos' last name is Straight and he works for Boss Hogg.
  • Uncle Jesse says over the CB "Shepard to Lost Sheep".
    • Finish Your drink if Daisy repies "This is Little Bo Peep."
    • Finish your buddy's drink if Bo and Luke say "This is the Lost Sheep."

Finish your drink whenever:

  • Daisy appears without her "Daisy Dukes".
  • You figure out why the doors to the General Lee were welded shut.
  • An attractive woman other than Daisy appears in Hazzard County.
  • Bo and Luke trick Enos or Rosco into letting them out of jail.
  • Mable, the telephone operator, is shown.
  • LuLu Hogg is shown.
  • Cooter says, over the CB, "This is Crazy Cooter comin' atcha," or some variation thereof.

Rob the Liquor Store if:

Stop playing immediately if:

  • Bo and Luke are replaced by the cheap imitations.