General Lee Horn:
Enos Straitt {Sonny Shroyer}

  • Enos was the bumbling patrolman who took orders from Boss Hogg and Rosco.
  • Enos was basically a good guy at heart, though he, too, needed a few more driving lessons under his belt.
  • Enos was probably the only guy in Hazzard County to openly admit that Daisy gave him a stiffy.
  • He even married her in the last episode!
  • Enos eventually went off to Los Angeles to join the LAPD and start his own show.
  • Sonny Shroyer played Bear Bryant in "Forrest Gump"...
  • You can e-mail Enos at
  • Mail Addresses:
    • Sonny Shroyer
    • c/o Scott Dickinson
    • P.O. Box 1138
    • Ashland KY 41105

Enos Straitt