General Lee Horn:

Yeeee haaaaaw!! The General Lee!!

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  • MAKE/MODEL: Dodge Charger [Road & Track (R/T)]
  • YEAR: 1969

    The engine of the General Lee was a 426 Hemi, with an Eldebrock torquer intake. Hemi is short for "Hemispherical", an engine design that provides more horsepower than any other V8, including the 440 Magnum. Some Generals had 440 Magnums, but the 426 Hemi was shown in many episodes. The General Lee also had headers with 3" exhausts. It had a street-stock stall converter.

  • FACTORY: Detroit, Michigan.

  • TIRES: Racing, black sidewalls.

  • CARBURETOR: A four-barrel Holly 780 Double-Pumper.

    A Chrysler "Torqueflite" A-727, the most durable automatic tranny ever built. In some episodes, however, a manual transmission was shown.

  • LICENSE PLATE: Georgia CNH 320.

    To customize the car for the show, it was stripped down to the bare metal on the outside, the rough spots were sanded thoroughly, and then several coats of specially-mixed paint were applied. All of this work was done right at the studio, where the producers had set up a repair shop just for that purpose. The stock horn was replaced with a special horn that played the first twelve notes of "Dixie".
    New manifolds were put in the motor and a special exhaust system was installed; all spark plugs were replaced.
    A grill guard is also added, though it probably didn't protect much, knowing the way the General was driven.
    The roof of the General Lee was supported by three-point roll bars that helped retain the strength of the metal in the event the car was flipped over during a scene.
    The doors were welded shut for structural rigidity and storyline continuity. Of course, some General Lees (there were over 300) had un-welded doors.

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    It all started when Bo had just gotten out of high school and was driving in a black ford pickup truck and Rosco impounded the car for impeading traffic. Bo and Luke had just built a 440 Magnum engine for the road race on saturday but they didn't have a car to put it in and they didn't have the money.

    Meanwhile in Capital City two robbers had just robbed the bank for golddust and drove away in a black "69" Dodge Charger.Back in Hazzard at the Duke farm Uncle Jesse tells Bo and Luke He would take a loan from Boss Hogg, but they would have to have it ready for saturday's race. Meanwhile in Capital City the robbers hide the golddust they stole underneath the instrument panel and soon after the Capital City Sheriff sees them and procedes to stop them. He pulls along side of theme and runs them of the road by denting in the Charger's driver-side door. The car runs into a ditch wrecking the front-end completely. The Dukes go to see Boss for a loan ,but Daisy would have to work at the Boar's Nest permanently. Back in Capital City the Sheriff puts the two in jail until they would talk. After a while they break out and steal someone's car. Meanwhile in Hazzard the Duke Boys borrow Cooter's tow truck in case they found a car in a junkyard for their engine. The wrecker that had the black Charger just dropped it off at the Capital City Junkyard where Bo and Luke were heading. They pull into the junkyard and look at the Charger.

    They go over to the owner, pay him, and drive away with it.The drive it to Cooter's while the robber's ask the owner where it is and who has it. He gives tells them that they from Hazzard, one was blonde and one had brown hair, and that they called each other cousins. Back at Cooter's garage Luke and Cooter start working on the front-end while Bo and Uncle Jesse go to pick up the motor. After they bring it to Cooter's Bo put's on new shocks, Luke welds the door's shut for safety, and Cooter works on the engine. The robber's are now in Hazzard looking for their car. Bo and Luke go for a walk and the robber's find them. They ask them for the car back but they refuse. One of the robbers pull out a gun and Luke kicks it out of his Hellcat taking the lead. The Dukes win the race getting the $10,000.

    (February 7, 2006) From James:
    Sorry but the general lee did not run the 426 hemi in any of the old movies ever, it was always the 440 magnum it had a 750 cfm double pumper holley the A727 was not the most durable tranny ever built, the hemispherical engine did not produce more horsepower than any other engine either the 440 were not equipped with manifolds as the RT came with ram flows and the engines were then equipped with headers the cb antenna is not mounted back 5 and 5/16 of an inch, it had a custom clip that mounted to the front edge of the lid thats about it for know but you really should make sure u got stuff right before u publish it

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    The General Lee 01 3 General Lees

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