General Lee Horn:

Jesse Duke, "Uncle Jesse" {Denver Pyle}

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  • December 25, 1997 Denver Pyle died at Providence St. Joseph Medical Centre in Burbank. He died of lung cancer at the age of 77.
  • Birth Date - May 11, 1920
  • Birth Place - Bethune Colorado
  • Height - 6' 1"
  • The uncle of Bo and Luke
  • Uncle Jesse's deceased wife was named Martha
  • Uncle Jesse drove rusty old pickup truck - a 1970s Ford F-Series.
  • His truck had a gunrack
  • Uncle Jesse did have a black car called "Black Tilly", which he used to run moonshine back in the days when he was in the Old Time Ridgerunner Association.
  • Uncle Jesse got to drive the General Lee once in a blue moon, and you could tell he was enjoying it, even though he could barely fit through the window.
  • Jesse Duke and Boss Hogg knew each other from "the good ol' days", when they used to make booze together.
  • Jesse's CB Handle: Shepherd .

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