Rosco P. Coltrane {James Best}

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  • Here is a Rosco description from fellow Dukes fan Jason: "Rosco Coltrane was a decent,honest cop for alot of years. When it came time for him to retire,Boss Hogg somehow screwed him out of his pension. So he was forced to stay on the job and take part in Boss' corruption in order to survive. Deep down,Rosco's still basically a good guy. He doesn't particularly like being part of Boss' schemes,and doesn't really dislike the Dukes,but, a man's gotta eat." - Fo shizzam!!
  • Rosco was the sheriff of Hazzard.
  • (456kb)Rosco and Enos on the CB:"We're going to be on them like a duck on a junebug..."
  • (339kb)Rosco catches the boys with marijuana in a waterheater. (it was not the Dukes Mary Jane by the way)
  • Rosco was basically the world's worst driver.
  • Mr. Best hosted a fishing show on a local cable station in the Lexington County, South Carolina, area in 1985.
  • In case you are wondering.. The "P" in his name stands for Pervis.
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  • You can mail him at this address:
    • James Best Enterprises, Inc.
    • PO BOX 5325
    • Hickory, NC 28603

    Rosco P. Coltrane


  • Rosco's old dog.
  • This bassett hound could barely walk she was so old, but she did get to go along on all the car chases.
  • Flash lived to be 14 years old she passed away in 1989
  • Flash was retieved from the West Valley, CA Humane Society
  • Flash's training was reported to be difficult, since she was so fat.