NOTE: This movie has been shown. It is awesome!

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This is from the TV listing:
Friday May 19, 2000 CBS, 8-10pm The Dukes go up against a crooked businessman whose offer to help build a hospital in Hazzard is anything but charitable. Directed by: Bradford May. With: John Schneider, Tom Wopat, Catherine Bach, James Best, Sonny Shroyer, Ben Jones, Rick Hurst, Nicolas Coster, Jay Acovone, Patricia Manterola. CC, Stereo, Premiere.

This is from a ad:
The stars from the action-packed hit CBS series The Dukes Of Hazzard reunite for more wild high-jinks when they roll into Tinsletown. In this movie, the Dukes, Cooter, Cletus, and Roscoe roar off to Hollywood to raise some fast cash for a much-needed Hazzard hospital. On their side: country music tapes featuring now-famous singers from past Hazzard hoe-downs and dreams of making a profitable CD. Against them: a crooked businessman and a shady music promoter.

This was taken from a DOH mailing list

Okay, three country superstars make appearances in this flick- they are Toby Keith (How do you like me now?), Anita Cochran (WHo's Good Times is a big hit on the country charts and will be the theme of the movie, though "How Do You Like Me Now" by Keith is No. 1) and Mac Davis, who will be the balladeer.

Davis will be shown on screen! Cochran I believe will be a love interest of Wopat, whereas Bo will have an interracial romance!

Look for the Dukes travels to pit them vs. the Russian Mob and Latin Street Gangs! Then watch them allign with the Dukes!